Hi Babs

The wedding went very well last week and I was really happy with the makeup. My niece found it really easy to apply and I had a lot of positive comments from everyone, especially my family who are not used to seeing me wear makeup! It really gave me confidence wearing it and I didn’t even mind having my photo taken, which happened a lot as I was Matron of Honour and the photographer seemed to be everywhere during the day! Normally I try to avoid all photographs as I am not comfortable with anyone taking my photo.

Thank you so much for giving me my confidence back! Best wishes


Hi Babs,

It was lovely to meet you today as well, thank you so very much, it made me feel so much better in myself. I’ve only just taken it off, my husband was taken aback at the difference.

I have already texted my friends with a before and after photograph and they can’t believe it.
Again thanks for today, it really did cheer me up.

Best wishes


Thanks for your help on Friday, the before/after was pretty spectacular!


Dear Babs,

Thank you for the amazing day. My mum thought it was wonderful, my fiance thought it was incredible – He said: ‘Sarah you must feel so confident, it’s disappeared’.

Thank you so much, I’m fully elated.


Good morning Babs,

I just wanted to thank you so much for the consultation yesterday. I used your make-up for the first time today and as the Jamaicans would say it was a ‘sell off’ – everyone has complimented me, many thanks again and I will keep in touch! God Bless,

Best Wishes


Compared to my usual foundation the camouflage make-up does wonders on my high pigmented scars from my acne and the length of time that it lasts is ideal for long days out on set as an actress.. The setting powder is amazing! Even when I sweat during these hot summer days the make-up remains.


I met Babs, and in the space of just a few minutes she found a perfect colour match for my skin, something I’ve never been able to do! She camouflaged by birthmark completely, I couldn’t really believe how good it looked and how once it was on it didn’t budge. She showed me how easy it would be to put on and remove myself, and when it was on I couldn’t even see my birthmark up close! I can’t wait to be able to use the products Babs suggested on stage and know that my birthmark can no longer hold me back from getting work or feeling my best!


Hello Babs,

A quick reply on reaching home – I rushed upstairs to look at my legs in my bedroom – they look great – the colour and camouflage was just so nicely absorbed and natural looking. Thank you.



Thank you so much for the photos and for everything today! I am in shock still!! I keep looking. I can’t wait to play around and practice now! I can’t believe you can’t see my scar now and I have a top lip too?! I can’t thank you enough!


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