Makeup can make us feel wonderful, but it can also be the source of frustration. We don’t want to worry about makeup sliding off or disappearing throughout the course of the day, and we certainly don’t want to spend precious morning time perfecting our morning routine only to have to reapply later during the day! We want to keep makeup looking fresh all day long!

Trying to salvage whatever makeup we have left on our faces can lead to over-application and a slightly caked-on feeling. So to help you get a perfect make-up finish that can stay fresh all day, here are a couple of tips that I have learned from working with brides and skin camouflage.

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1. Take Care Of Your Skin

No matter how great your makeup is, it won’t look good on dehydrated, flakey or oily skin and many make-up artists now recognise that skincare is as important as makeup to achieve a lovely look.

The best way to get a flawless application is to apply makeup on a blank canvas so always ensure that you are removing your makeup before you go to sleep! And I don’t mean a half-hearted wipe with a face wipe…. A make-up remover followed by a wash-off cleanser that specifically addresses your skin concerns is my favourite method. Especially when reapplying lipstick or concealer throughout the day, you may find that the product has built up and is in need of a bit of additional help.

I am a huge fan of Human + Kind, a range of all natural, petrochemical free skincare products that actually works. The Facial Cleanser and Anti-Ageing Cream are my hero products.

2. Use A Good Primer

I think most of us really underestimate the power a good primer. As a base for your makeup, primer can help to create a flawless finish as well as helping it to stay on all day. Try keeping an eye out for a primer that specifically caters for and targets to your skin type, e.g. pore-refining, shine controlling, brightening etc. You can also research into tinted primers that help to balance out any redness or imperfections on skin, although my top make-up artist tip is to stay clear of green primers! They tend to make you look rather sickly. A yellow-based primer is much better to tackle redness.

Make-Up Forever has a great range of specific primers, and they are now available at Debenhams!

3. Use A Finishing Powder or Fixing Spray

Using a finishing powder or spray is a great way of helping your makeup to stay in places, as well as smoothing out any harsh edges around your eye area. Applying a light mist of spray or powder dust on your face after applying your makeup with help to reduce any creases and can also help to minimise the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. You may ask yourself what the difference is between a powder and a spray, so here are a few key things to bear in mind:

  • If you are creating a strong highlighted or strobed effect, don’t use powder on those areas as it will dull down the shine you have created.
  • Powder will help reduce unwanted shine in oily areas such as the t-zone so if that is something you suffer from, a sweep of powder down the forehead and nose can really help
  • If you have slightly more mature skin or don’t want your make-up to look too heavy, I’d recommend a spray rather than a powder to avoid a ‘cakey’ look. Powder can easily sit in wrinkles or become too heavy.
  • A light sweep of powder in your under-eye area is great for keeping concealer in place.

My favourite setting spray to make sure bridal make-up stays in place all day is Model In a Bottle.

4. Use A Waterproof Mascara

Perfect for those looking to keep their mascara looking fresh during the humid days or during that sudden down-pour of rain, investing in a waterproof mascara is a great way of defining the eyes with a long-lasting finish. However, it can be quite tough to remove, so make sure you invest in a good eye makeup remover and ensure all the product has been removed before going to sleep.

A staple in my bridal kit is L’oreal False Lash Telescopic Waterproof.

So there you go, hopefully that will help you forget all about your make-up all day!

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