I want to dedicate this blog post to an honest review of Lycogel, a brand that I started working with a few months ago and that I have come to love.


I often get asked if I only work with NHS skin camouflage products or others too. As an experienced make-up artist I can draw on my experience across film, TV and bridal work to recommend more traditionally ‘cosmetic’ make-up products rather than the specifically para-medical in the right circumstances. I love being able to broaden what I do to make people feel attractive all round…but I have to be honest, few ‘cosmetic’ products perform to the standard required of skin camouflage. They just aren’t designed for the same thing. They don’t have enough pigmentation and staying power.

Enter Lycogel, an exciting hybrid, initially designed for cosmetic surgery patients who wanted to hide the signs of their procedure and manage their everyday life thereafter. Post-surgery skin is often red and inflamed, discoloured and particularly sensitive to the sun and the elements. Lycogel was therefore very conscious of wanting to create a product that would help accelerate the healing process rather than blocking pores and aggravating the skin further.


Lycogel contains 12 active ingredients that promote oxygen, moisture and the nutrient uptake of the skin so that it is not only a concealing make-up, but an active skin care product too. It also contains mineral sunblock ingredients (titanium oxide and zinc oxide) that provide a fabulous barrier to both the sun’s UVA and UVB rays – another big thumbs up.

As a result of all of the above it is particularly well suited for anyone with skin conditions such as acne, rosacea or eczema. I love using Lycogel on clients who have skin concerns on their face and want the coverage of skin camouflage coupled with a more lightweight finish akin to traditional foundations rather than skin camouflage. Another advantage is that it does not strictly need to be powdered to set so it has a much for natural and dewy look. Again, a word of caution – its durability is of course not the same as traditional powdered skin camouflage and I would not recommend using it eg on scars on the body. It claims to be water-resistant for 90 minutes (rather than waterproof all day). But for full coverage product for the face and anyone with sensitive skin and redness, it’s pretty great. My only criticism is that the colour range is fairly limited and doesn’t cater for dark skins very well.


A word of advice on application: use Lycogel sparingly and layer to achieve the most natural look for your particular skin.

The camouflage product in the Lycogel range is currently available in 12 shades, and only from professionals such as skin clinics and skin camouflage practitioners.

If you would be interested in a consultation and colour matching session for Lycogel, don’t hesitate to get in touch!