Zanderm vitiligo skin camouflage

If you are looking for Vitiligo skin camouflage but aren’t ready to fully commit – now is a great time to test it!

We are looking for product testers for a new product range called Zanderm. We are dying to try out. It promises a much more skin-like, lightweight finish on vitiligo patches, with no need for fixing powder. It sounds pretty good to us, and the reviews have been brilliant. Will you help us test it? Entirely free and no obligations. You can find out more about Zanderm, and read some reviews at

Zanderm comes in a range of 14 different shades, but of course they can be mixed too. There are two different types of applicator depending on how large the area is you wish to cover, and the product is very liquid and fast-drying. It is very different from traditional skin camouflage products which can be very solid and dense in their formulation. It claims to be long-lasting, gentle to the skin, and sweat and smudge resistant.

Even if you’re just a little bit curious about Zanderm – please give us a ring, you have nothing to lose!

For more information about how skin camouflage can help you with vitiligo, please see our Skin Camouflage Page