One of the amazing things about skin camouflage is that it really does last all day long – and longer. In most cases that’s thanks to the fixing powder used to set it. Setting lipstick with powder isn’t really a viable option as it would spoil the lovely lustre of the lipstick! But the good news is that there are products around that will make lipstick last the distance, letting you forget about it for as long as your skin camouflage!

Although some of the high street brands available today are often really great quality, you may not recognise the brands below because they ae professional make-up brands aimed at the professional user. I see no reason to keep these insider tricks within the profession 😉

Here are my top 3 favourite products for perfect lips:

1. MaqPro Lip Base

This white lip primer is a little gem that moisturises your lips and prevents them from becoming dry, and at the same time makes your lipstick last much longer. Because of its white colour it will really bring out the pigment in the lipstick you apply over the top – a triple win! Available from Precious About Make-Up

2. Make-Up Forever Lip Line Perfector

This clever little pencil is a waxy, colourless texture. When applied around the lips it acts as an invisible barrier and prevents lipstick from bleeding or feathering. So you can say goodbye to your lipstick creeping further and further away from your lips throughout the course of the day. It’s particularly great for anyone worried about colour sitting in fine lines and wrinkles – it actually plumps and fills them for you. Available from Debenhams

3. Mehron Lipstix lipstick sealer

The lipstix sealer is something to use on those occasions you’re *really* concerned about lipstick staying– it really seals the lipstick and ensures that it won’t budge all day, but I wouldn’t recommend using it every day. It’s a slightly odd feeling right after applying it – it feels a bit tingly, like minty mouthwash. That’s mainly due to the alcohol content in the product so be wary of using this if you have dry lips to start with. Available from Tilt Make-Up