The History of Skin Camouflage

If you’re wondering how the idea ‘skin camouflage’ came into being, then, look no further, as here is a complete run-down of how the world decided to invent a concept as ingenious as skin camouflage. Skin camouflage is essentially the use of para-medical products to conceal scars, hyperpigmentation, birthmarks, or anything that is visibly different to the rest of your skin.

A Journey into The Past

As far as we know, the history of skin camouflagebegins with the initiatives taken by make-up artistand inventor, Max Factor, whofirst invented innovative greasepaint and pan-cake for the use in movie films in the US in the early 20th century.After WW1, working in collaboration with American plastic surgeons, Max Factor became the first person to look into skin camouflage and started to create skin camouflage products for burnt veterans. He was able to draw on his experience and product knowledge to create products that were

On the other side of the AtlanticVeil, a specialist brand of high-coverage makeup, was the first in the UK to develop skin camouflage products. They created products for veterans affected this time by WWII, admitted in the specialist burns unit at Queen Victoria Hospital. With Sir Archibald McIndoe,a civilian consultant in plastic surgery to the Royal Air Forceamaxillo-facial unit for burned aircrew members was establishes and the importance of rehabilitating maimed veterans back into society rose to the forefront. A pioneering burns and reconstructive plastics centre was set up  at the hospital and skin camouflage was developed as a complementary treatment. .

The importance of skin camouflage is highlighted by the fact that the NHS commissioned the British Red Crossto provide skin camouflage training in hospitals as early as 1975. Many skin camouflage clinics were set up all over the country to provide patients will access to this great rehabilitative tool. In 2012, this same service was transferred to the charity ‘Changing Faces’, who continue to provide this great service along with advocating for people with visible differences.

In 1985, Joyce Allsworthcreated the British Association of Skin Camouflage (BASC).Today, BASC is internationally recognised  for training professionals in this specialist field inappropriate principlesandtechniques and for supporting them in their role.

A private skin camouflage consultation  As well free appointments via the Changing Faces charity, you can seek out the help of a private skin camouflage practitioner.

Each practitioner will have a slightly different way of working, so make sure you choose someone you are comfortable with and trust.

Here at Skin Confident, the client is at the heart of everything we do and any recommendations we make will be based entirely on your lifestyle, needs and wishes.

You will be offered a 90-minute consultation, during which we will have ample time to try different products and different shades until we find the one you are happy with. You will then be taught which tools to use and which technique to use to apply so that you can easily recreate the same effect at home.

We work with specialist skin camouflage brands as well asbrands from the innovative make-up industry, such as Dermacolor, Covermark, Kryolan, Keromask, Sian Richards, Veil and others, all of which will give you better coverage and better durability than conventional cosmetics.

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