Skin Camouflage Medico-Legal Reports – an introduction

Skin Camouflage Medico-Legal Reports – an introduction

How can skin camouflage help your personal injury clients?

  1. The rehabilitative effect of skin camouflage

There is an ever-growing body of science delving into the effects of trauma on a person’s mental health. Often the after-effects of an accident can be very significant and far-reaching, affecting everything from a person’s feeling of self-worth and confidence to their ability to socialise or even leave the house.

As a skin camouflage practitioner I see and recognise recurring patterns of behavior such as obsessive appearance checking, the establishment of elaborate and lengthy make-up routines,  orat the most extreme end of the spectrum,total reclusion.There is clear clinical evidence of the therapeutic benefits of skin camouflage in such situations.

Skin camouflage products can provide the client a real sense of control over the scarring, of having an element of choice over when and how much of the scarring to reveal to the world. The main issue that my clients tend to have with their scarring is the curiosity, questions and judgment of others.Being able to conceal the scarring to the point where it stops being the first thing anyone notices can be a huge relief.

  • Compensation for the lifetime cost of skin camouflage products

Whilst skin camouflage products are hugely beneficial, the cost of regular use may pose a prohibitive barrier for many.

Instructing a skin camouflage expert witness means that there is evidence of the need and usefulness of the products, and clear and detailed evidence of their costings. These costings can be broken down on a monthly or annual basis, and encompass the products themselves, as well as any necessary tools and accessories, and any other recommended ancillary products or treatments.

As a general rule scars mature after approximately 24 months and are deemed permanent thereafter. It is highly likely that they will remain permanently visible after that point and that any regular costs will continue indefinitely.

Instructing a skin camouflage expert witness

As a personal injury solicitor you can instruct a skin camouflage expert in the same way as any other expert – either direct or via medical reporting agencies.In order to help you select the most suitable expert, you may wish to consult various professional directories (e.g. APIL, EWI, Acaddemy of Experts, UK Register of Expert Witnesses etc). Most experts should be trained in report drafting and belong to various professional bodies.

In order to be able to complete a comprehensive report, it is useful to provide the following information to the expert:

  • Clear instructions and basic information (name, address, date of the incident, claim number etc)
  • Nature of expertise needed  and the purpose of the report, including any specific questions that need answering
  • Supporting documents (e.g. previous medical reports), photographs of the scarring, relevant medical records, and what stage the litigation is at
  • A clear deadline for submitting the report

Each expert will have their own terms and conditions – in order to find out more about working with Skin Confident, please Contact Us.

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