Skin camouflage for dark skin? Here’s good news!


It can be really frustrating having skin that falls outside the average on the middle of the spectrum – at both ends! People with darker skin tones as well as those with very fair porcelain skin have traditionally found it quite hard to get products that work for them. A lot of mainstream cosmetics brands have focused more on the mass market. On darker skin foundations and concealers that are too light can often look ashy and grey. Not ideal. Given their experience on the high street a lot of people approach me worried that there is no skin camouflage for dark skin. That is categorically not true, there have always been skin camouflage products that cater for dark skin, but the selection has not been quite as extensive.

But here’s the good news: Veil has just launched 5 new darker shades to complement its existing range. Veil is one of the original skin camouflage brands, invented and developed here in the UK for soldiers post WWII. It has many great characteristics and can work very well on fair skin, but its darker shades were somewhat lacking. Having taken on board feedback from its users, it has just launched 5 new shades: Tawny, Russet Tan, Warm Coffee, Bourbon and Tuscan – see announcement here. I’ve had early access to the new shades for a while and can report that I’ve had some really good results on clients.

I’m very proud to be a Veil recommended Beauty Consultant, and to be able to include the new extended range in my product offering.

Of course that’s not the only brand available to you if you have darker skin.


Dermacolor has an incredible range of shades (around 200 as far as I’m aware!) so chances are that there will be a tone to match your particular skin tone.


I also love Keromask for its deep shades, and they can work beautifully on dark skin with a red undertone. They are very rich and luscious, but can be a bit overpowering if you are more golden brown than auburn in tone. Keromask also has a great yellow colour corrector, so it’s possible to use the products regardless, it just takes a little bit more effort.


I couldn’t speak about dark skin tones without also mentioning Sian Richards 4K Longwear Hydrocream. Whilst not technically a traditional skin camouflage brand, it has flat-out the best and most diverse range of shades for darker skin tones. Everything from cool near-black with blue undertones, to the whole spectrum or red-browns and ochres it is fabulous.


So fret not if you struggle with a scar or skin condition and are worried that there is nothing out there for you – there very likely is, it’s just a matter of finding it! Skin camouflage for dark skin is available, and is improving all the time. If you would like to speak to me about which products may be best for you, or to book a consultation, please get in touch!

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