Overview of Skin Camouflage Products

Overview of Skin Camouflage Products

If you’re wondering whether skin-camouflage is a suitable remedy for your scars and hyperpigmentation, then read on. Skin camouflage products are para-medical products that seamlessly and effectively make scars, healed lesions and any discolouration look visibly less noticeable. Once applied correctly, the products can make a real

difference to your appearance. If you are suffering with issues of self-confidence around your altered appearance, using skin camouflage can be a great source of rehabilitation. Whilst the effect is not permanent, the products are quick and easy to use, allowing you to choose when and how often you want to conceal your scarring.


Understand Whether Skin Camouflage Products Are Suitable For You?

In most cases, receiving a bespoke skin camouflage consultation is the key. This can make you understand what works for your skin condition as each product has slightly different properties. Some brands are more suitable for certain types of skin conditions, other brands have a more extensive range of shades etc. With specialist para-medical products, you can cover vitiligo, can cover birthmarks, can blend strong hyperpigmentation into your natural skin tone and can also simply conceal blemishes. Skin Camouflage products are significantly different from cosmetic make-up because they are much more highly pigmented, longer-lasting and sweat- and waterproof.

With multiple shades and the perfect application technique, you can effectivelyconceal the appearance of your scars or any discolouration. Using the right tools is also very important. Using the products too heavily or in the wrong way will only draw attention to the area, whereas if applied correctly the end-result will be natural looking.  During a professional consultation you will be taught exactly which products to apply, in which order, and how.

  • Primer

. Primer is not always necessary but can help adherence of products onto very textured or scarred skin as your scarred skin isn’t as porous as the rest of your skin.A specialist scar primer can make the texture of the makeup look morepolished, and will make sure the products do not slide off with wear.,

  • Skin Camouflage Products

Choosing the right shade for your particular skin tone can be quite tricky. Not many of the brands provide tester-sizes, so finding the correct shade can be time-consuming and expensive. During a skin camouflage consultation, you will have the chance to try as many different products and shades as necessary to find the perfect one for you. If possible, we will try to identify a shade for you that does not require any mixing to make the application process as simple as possible.

We work with many different brands, e.g.

Zanderm, providing sheer and skin-like finish for vitiligo patches, Sian Richards, providing long-lasting and smudge-proof formulas developed by a Hollywood make-up artist, and Dermacolor, one of the original producers of  scar concealing makeup.

As these products lastall day long, you don’t have to worry about touch-ups –  even a swim won’t budge them –ifyou follow the appropriate application technique and professional guidance.

  • Blending

To reach a creamy and smooth finish on your skin, it is important for you use the right tools, such as sponges, specific brushes and, in some cases, your hands. Without effectively blending the product into your skin, the makeup merely sits on top of your skin and won’t last long. During a consultation you will be shown exactly how to applythe products and will have a chance to apply them yourself so that you can easily recreate the results at home.

  • Powder

Most of the skin camouflage products will need to be set by a setting powder to make sure that they do not smudge and will last all day. Don’t worry – you can still achieve a very natural looking finish, and it need not look ‘caked on’. In certain situations we may also recommend a setting spray for further peace of mind.

Overall, this short guide has hopefully shown you that skin camouflage is not a complex process. Two or three steps at most can lead to excellent results. The products can be applied in a matter of minutes and you can easily learn how to apply them – you don’t need to be an experienced user of make-up, or have artistic abilities.

A skin camouflage practitioner will identify the best colour match for you, recommend products that are best suited to your particular skin type and will provide you with a bespoke plan that you can easily incorporate into your daily routine.

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