Desktop Vs Full Medico Legal Report


As a skin camouflage practitioner, my goal is to be able to provide a service to the ultimate client which recommends specific products tailored to their individual needs and skin tone, and to teach them how to effectively use those products. When instructing a skin camouflage expert witness, the second important objective is of course to obtain a report that quantifies the cost of said products over the course of a lifetime and is able to estimate approximate costs.

A full skin camouflage report combines both of those elements: the practitioner will first assess the client in person and provide all practical advice during that session, and then draft a report on the basis of the conclusions drawn during the consultation. Consultations with Skin Confident can take place either at the dedicated consultation room in central London [link to ‘contact’ page] or as a home visit all over the country.

A desktop report on the other hand is drafted without the initial consultation taking place. This may be a more appropriate or effective solution for a given client for a number of reasons, including:

  • The current COVID-19 pandemic or similar situation, during which close proximity to clients is simply not permitted
  • Where the client is located abroad and the cost of a consultation at this point in time would not be justified
  • Where there is very limited time before the deadline for submitting the expert witness report
  • Where the client is a minor and the litigation friend/family have decided to treat the issue of skin camouflage with a degree of sensitivity and therefore do not want to expose the client directly to it. They may not wish to suggest to the minor that skin camouflage should be necessary or advisable, and instead ensure that the child is able to decide for themselves at a later stage.

Rather than seeing the client in person, the following elements are necessary in order to provide a comprehensive desktop report:

1) A half-hour call with the client, preferably as a video call. This can be done via Skype or Whatsapp, whichever is most convenient 

2) Recent photographs

3) Measurements of the scar

4) Any relevant background documents such as hospital records or previous medical reports

The desktop report can still set out product recommendation along with their costings, and would make provision for an in-person consultation at a later stage. 

Advantages of the desktop report are that the turnaround time is generally shorter, and the cost is understandably lower.

In both situations, whether desktop or full report, your client will receive the following:

  • An assessment of whether skin camouflage is appropriate and likely to be effective
  • Detailed justification of the types of products that would be recommended for the specific types of scar or pigmentation in question
  • Recommendations for necessary tools and accessories required to achieve the desired result
  • Recommendations for any auxiliary products that may improve the appearance outcome of the scarring, such as sunscreen (which is compatible with skin camouflage) and scar treatment products (such as topical silicone gels or other topical treatments)
  • Detailed costings for all of the above items, set out as annual and monthly costs for ease of reference
  • Suggested additional expertise worth consulting, for example scar massage or medical tattooing

Of course, all medical reports provided by Skin Confident are fully compliant with CPR and relevant guidance.

In order to ensure the best outcomes for clients, it is useful to receive the following information from an instructing solicitor:

  • Clear instructions and basic information (names, addresses, DOB of relevant parties, claim numbers and dates of incidents)
  • The nature of expertise required for the given scenario
  • The purpose of the report, including specific questions that require consideration
  • Relevant supporting documents e.g. relevant medical history and previous medical reports
  • Photographs and evidence of the injuries in question. Current photographs are most helpful, although evidence of the original injury and subsequent healing process are also helpful
  • A clear deadline by which the report is needed, and any Court deadlines if relevant

If you have any further questions on the above, please do not hesitate to Contact Us.

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