COVID-19 Policies and Procedures

Further to the government’s latest announcement on 17th July 2020, Skin Confident is delighted to announce that all skin camouflage consultations can restart on 1st August 2020.

Unfortunately, any treatments to the face are still deemed high risk and can not proceed at the current time. We have not been given a date for reopening yet. We have put in place rigorous health and safety measures to ensure that the risk to you at the Skin Confident clinic is minimised as much as possible. This includes:
  • Thorough cleaning and sanitising of the consultation space and all equipment between clients
  • Reduction of available appointments to ensure no contact between clients
  • PPE for the practitioner, including a visor and face mask
  • Ventilating the space as much as possible (open window, weather permitting)
  • Handwashing before and after each appointment, and frequent use of hand sanitizer in between
  • Reduction of products and other items on display
  • Use of disposable applicators where possible
We would also ask you to respect the following guidelines, and to inform us of anything relevant relating to your health or the health of anybody in your household:
  • Please wear a mask for the duration of the consultation (this can be supplied by Skin Confident)
  • Please come alone, unless accompanying a child or vulnerable adult
  • Wash hands upon arrival and departure, and use hand sanitizer as appropriate
  • Keep personal belongings to a minimum
For full details, please see our RISK ASSESSMENT and CONSENT FORM.  Please don’t hesitate to contact us should you have any queries on any of the above points. PLEASE ALSO NOTE THAT THERE WILL BE NO CANCELLATION CHARGES OR PENALTIES FOR ANY CANCELLATIONS YOU MAY NEED TO MAKE FOR ANY COVID-19 RELATED BOOKINGS! We would much rather we were all safe than sorry! Thanks for your understanding.