Guest post: How much compensation can you expect to get for Cycling Injuries and Scarring?

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This brief compensation guide to scarring injuries has been brought to you by the motorcycle solicitors, experts in dealing with injury claims in the UK The author is Ronnie James Hutcheon specialist cycling injury solicitor 0151 724 7121. Cycling accidents and Scarring Cycling accidents and Injuries are common place.  It happens because what law […]

A Q&A with Babs Forman as featured on Diamond Designs

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The lovely team at Diamond Designs recently asked me for an interview on my story and Skin Confident. Of course I was very happy to oblige! Here is an extract, and you can read the rest on their website here: Were you always interested in a career in the beauty industry? Actually, I qualified […]

Top tips to keep makeup looking fresh all day!

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Makeup can make us feel wonderful, but it can also be the source of frustration. We don’t want to worry about makeup sliding off or disappearing throughout the course of the day, and we certainly don’t want to spend precious morning time perfecting our morning routine only to have to reapply later during the day! […]

Introducing Lycogel

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  I want to dedicate this blog post to an honest review of Lycogel, a brand that I started working with a few months ago and that I have come to love. I often get asked if I only work with NHS skin camouflage products or others too. As an experienced make-up artist I can […]

What is pigmentation?

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Skin camouflage is designed to reduce the visible effects of any pigmentation to the skin – what this means is that it can conceal any differences in the colour of your skin. So it is interesting to understand what pigmentation of the skin really is, why the colour of our skin varies from person to […]

We’re in the UK – do I really need to bother with sun screen?

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Although it may feel like summer has been and gone already this year, temperatures are definitely rising and summer is around the corner. Most people will remember to slap on some sun screen when they are out in the hot sunshine over the lunchtime hours, but what about all those other times… …Days like today […]

What is Vitiligo really?

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I have recently had quite a few clients with Vitiligo, and what is striking is the shared sense of frustration that they do not really understand the condition and that there is not much information readily available. For a condition that affects an estimated 0.5% and 2% of the general population (potentially around 600,000 people […]

These 3 wonder products will make your lipstick last all day!

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One of the amazing things about skin camouflage is that it really does last all day long – and longer. In most cases that’s thanks to the fixing powder used to set it. Setting lipstick with powder isn’t really a viable option as it would spoil the lovely lustre of the lipstick! But the good […]

Does camouflage makeup make you feel more confident?

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Camouflage makeup, or any make-up for that matter, is intended to bring the best out in you and make you feel your most confident. In my mind it is intended to allow you to focus on your life rather than your appearance. It allows you to not have to worry about that *thing* you don’t […]

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It is possible to obtain certain Skin Camouflage products on the NHS by way of prescription from your GP. Skin Confident can advise you on which products fall within this category, and how to go about requesting them.