Can You Cover Up Vitiligo?


I see a lot of clients who have vitiligo, and the first question they have is whether you can cover up vitiligo with camouflage at all.   And the short answer is a resounding YES! Yes, you can cover up vitiligo.  You can cover up vitiligo very well even. However, it can be a little tricky to get the correct colour match and also the correct product.


What is very exciting is that there are now some new products on the market that can really help cover up vitiligo in new and innovative ways, and in certain cases they improve on the traditional skin camouflage products out there.

What has always been a problem with skin camouflage for vitiligo is areas such as the mouth and the hands where vitiligo pigmentation is very common.

It is very difficult to cover up vitiligo on and around the lips because of course you need to be able to eat and drink. Also, the mouth is of course an areas where there is a lot of movement, and also where the skin is very thin and has lots of creases. For women  using a long-lasting lipstick can be a good solution but for men… not always appropriate. Similarly, for vitiligo on the hands, there is a lot of movement, a lot of fine lines, and you want to be able to touch things and wash your hands.

In particular in those areas, it has been a bit difficult to cover up vitiligo in the past.

I am very excited to share with you two new products that cover up vitiligo much better in those areas:

Zanderm, and Sian Richard’s 4K Longwear Hydrocream .


Zanderm – has been established and very popular in the US for quite a while, and has finally come to the EU and UK! It is completely different in texture and consistency. It covers up vitiligo with a much more sheer and skin-like stain of colour. The Vitiligo cover up is not cakey, it is not heavy, it does not need to be powdered, and it does not budge. Most importantly, the colours cover up vitiligo patches with colours that do not look red or orange once they are on the skin. Vitiligo patches tend to show colour very differently to the more pigmented skin around them, and often the patches can end up getting a red or orange glow to them. Not so with Zanderm! This product is ideal for areas on the body, hands and mouth, where classic products struggle to cover up vitiligo well.


4K Longwear Hydrocream – this product was developed by Emmy Award nominated make-up artist Sian Richards. She saw the gap in the market for long-lasting product that can be used as smudge-proof concealer or sheered down to create a beautiful dewy foundation. It works a treat on dark pigmentation and can also be used to cover up vitiligo. It does not need fixing powder to be set and it lasts all day long. I tested it on myself – 36 hours, multiple showers and a swim later and it had still not disappeared! This is definitely also going in our permanent vitiligo cover up kit!

The difficulty in all of this is of course navigating your way around the products, finding what works best where and also choosing the correct shade. That’s where we can help…. 😉

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