7 reasons to invest in professional skin camouflage


As you stumble across this article you are probably searching for a solution for something that is visible, noticeable and that is bothering you. You want to be able to effectively conceal it, but you’re not sure if it’s worth the expense of a professional skin camouflage expert to help you or whether you can just buy some products and work it out for yourself.

Well of course I am writing this from an angle that is not entirely neural, but I can emphatically say that yes, it is 100% worth the investment. Let me explain to you why:

  1. Conceal like a pro. Using the wrong shade will make your condition more, not less, visible. And finding the right shade is tricky. As a skin camouflage practitioner I work with several different brands, each of which has multiple shades in their range. Some even have hundreds of shades. My consultations last 90 minutes because I know that often I need to try several different shades before we agree on the perfect one. Sometimes I get it in one, but even to the extremely well-trained eye, this is a difficult feat. For the untrained eye it is near impossible. Especially if you factor in colour correction, the effect of powder, and the fact that you can’t test skin camouflage products anywhere very easily. So if you are trying to match your skin tone to a digitally created colour swab on a computer screen you are nearly guaranteed to get the wrong shade. And then you will be drawing attention to the area rather than detracting from it.
  2. Save money. Buying multiple products, even in sample sizes, quickly adds up to become quite expensive. It is also time-consuming and frustrating. You may think you can avoid the fallacy of matching to a computer screen by buying samples. But there are some problems with this: not all brands have samples for sale, and those that do generally only offer a limited selection of shades in sample sizes. So your chances of success are greatly reduced. Selecting the samples is as tricky as selecting the ultimate shade, so it’s quite likely that you could buy several samples and be none the wiser – although you will have totally wasted that money and your time and probably feel more despondent as a result.
  3. Learn the correct technique. Even if you have the right shade if you don’t apply it properly it may not last you very well, or indeed look particularly good. During a consultation you will be taken through the correct application steps and techniques to make sure that your product sits as well as it can for you. You need to make sure that it is in fact waterproof and sweat proof and long-lasting, and it will only be those things if you apply it properly. I will also show you how best to blend the product on your skin to make sure that it matches the rest of your skin as best possible without leaving any noticeable edges or lines.
  4. Use the correct tools. You may not get the best results if you are not using the most suitable accessories for application. Some products are best applied with brushes, some with sponges, some with your hands. And sometimes it will depend on your skin or other factors. Getting the smoothest most realistic and convincing look is best achieved with a bit of professional guidance.
  5. Your tools will last longer. If you don’t look after your application tools and clean them properly, your results will suffer. You may find that everything is going well, you’ve found a shade you’re happy with and are getting good results. But after a while it just doesn’t look the same any more. You’re having a harder time applying and blending your product, it starts looking patchy. Using a clumped-up brush full of product that has oxidised over time will not give you a nice smooth finish.So it’s worth knowing how and when to clean your tools to maintain the best possible results.
  6. Learn from a pro. You are investing your money in someone who has spent many years learning, training and perfecting their technique. Most people agree that a professional make-up artist, or nail artist, or hairdresser, can do a better job than they can at home and are happy to pay a professional to make them look and feel better. And the same is true for skin camouflage, except rather than a one-off, you are being shown how to achieve the same great results yourself every day!
  7. Invest in your future! Think of it as an investment in your confidence, in your happiness, and your quality of life!

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